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5 Star Rating
Tytek Inc from sylvania on 11/8/2020 for an auto service of their 1994 Chevrolet S10 Pickup and their testimonial is:


" Very quick and reasonable service excellent customer service. "
5 Star Rating
Leigh Aycock from sylvania on 11/7/2020 for an auto service of their 2016 Nissan Sentra and their testimonial is:

"Amazing service"

"Y’all were amazing!!! I NEVER leave stars or comments but me and my mom were so impressed. & to re-secure my bumper with no charge out of just being nice, meant a lot. We thank you so much!!!!!!!! Words can’t explain how amazing y’all were in so many ways!!!! Harley (I know I probably spelled your name wrong) but give me a call! I need friends in this area and you seem absolutely amazing. I have A LOT of tattoos which you can’t see😝and you really showed your character which was awesome and I get a great vibe from you and I appreciate it so much. 941-441-1779!!!!!"
5 Star Rating
Sharron Brown from sylvania on 11/6/2020 for an auto service of their 2017 Lincoln MKX and their testimonial is:

"Great customer service"

"Customer service is great work very friendly personality and very professional and very knowledgeable the staff is wonderful I would recommend them to my friends and family and you also get a car wash great job I appreciate you all see you again in the next couple of months thank you so much"
5 Star Rating
James Kirkland from sylvania on 10/29/2020 for an auto service of their 2007 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 and their testimonial is:


"Very dependable!"
5 Star Rating
Dixie Riverside from sylvania on 10/23/2020 for an auto service of their 2018 Isuzu NPR and their testimonial is:

"Great place"

"Great place to do Business with "
5 Star Rating
Susan Wigginton from sylvania on 10/15/2020 for an auto service of their 1999 Dodge Dakota and their testimonial is:


"Prompt as can be, nice people! I would recommend this place to anyone! Thanks"
5 Star Rating
Cynthia Sheard from sylvania on 10/10/2020 for an auto service of their 2017 Lexus RX 350 and their testimonial is:

"Great customer service"

"They have great customer service and everyone is so nice and polite, which isn’t too often these days. The technical group keeps you up with what they’re doing and what they have to finish, which is very unique"
5 Star Rating
Sheri Stephens from sylvania on 10/8/2020 for an auto service of their 2019 BMW 4-Series Gran Coupe and their testimonial is:


"I would recommend "
5 Star Rating
Rick Hester from sylvania on 10/3/2020 for an auto service of their 2006 Ford Mustang and their testimonial is:


"Thanks for all you did for us."
5 Star Rating
Ebony Kirkland from sylvania on 9/29/2020 for an auto service of their 2013 Toyota Corolla and their testimonial is:

"Great service"

"Great service "

Reviews from Google

5 Star Rating
Avery Simmons from 09/09/2021:
"Great People who definitely took care of me and my situation and got me back on the road in no time!"
1 Star Rating
Jimmy Metcalf from 05/31/2021:
4 Star Rating
Patricia Allen from 07/21/2021:
"They are forthcoming when inquiring about auto diagnoses."
5 Star Rating
Matt Mchenry from 04/21/2021:
"Had a really good experience, very friendly staff, they did a good job, and they washed my car afterwards ??"
5 Star Rating
Sam L Jackson from 11/01/2020:
"I'd recommend calling ahead if you get an appointment from one of their partners. The girls up front were really sweet and helpful. They told me everything I needed to know about the process up front. The mechanic seems capable and was very efficient. Miss Meg was super supportive and encouraging, and seems to run a tight ship. Thanks!"